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A Few of My Favorites Romania

A Few of My Favorites Romania

Favorite Ministry Moment:

Cooking and visiting with one of our Ukrainian families!


Favorite Adventure Day:

Castelul Corvinilor Weekend


Favorite Food:

Chocolate Croissant from Coffee Story


(already ate the croissant I guess! Haha)

Favorite Team Time:

Taking Camilla to the BIG Park & Zoo


Favorite God Moment:

Getting to share my trip experience with the newspaper & news station


Favorite Places:

Botanical Garden & Castles!


(I finally invested in a pair of sneakers shortly after this photo was taken.)

Favorite Hammock Spot:

None 🙁


Favorite Exercise: 

Going to Gorilla Gym!!! #GTL


(Me & My teammate Stephanie!!! She’s a BEAST)

Favorite Coffee Shop:

Smart Cup 


Favorite Views:

Fields and mountains from the train



**For more photos check out this map of my journey and photo links for each location!



  1. I love the list of favorites! Bonus fun that I know where all these things happened

  2. I loved the photos, the videos, your list of favorites, and the insights you’ve gained along the way! It’s been such a joy reviewing and reflecting on this past year and all that took place!

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