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It’s Time To Go Again

I am so excited to announce that it’s time to go again!

It’s time to go on mission for the Lord again. 

God’s great desire to send me as a helper was sparked again after seeing the devastation of Hurricane Ian in Florida, a state that I love. Although the storm did not drastically destroy the homes of anyone I know personally, I can’t deny the fact that so many lives have been impacted by this storm. In the days that followed Hurricane Ian, I watched the unfolding of the devastation while standing in my classroom watching our daily news segments on CNN10. I felt the calling, I felt the need to go. 

In speaking with my pastor, we decided it was time to not only go individually but form a team to go with me. God has brought together 8 of us with the desire, passion, and calling to go serve these brokenhearted, broken-homed people. We will be leaving late on November 21st for Ft. Myers, Florida. While we are there, we will be partnering with Adventures in Mission and their crisis response team to help families of this community. We will be helping with mold remediation, reconstruction of homes, and removal of what has been destroyed. Additionally, we are hoping for an opportunity to create some form of a Thanksgiving celebration for whomever we are with. 

We’re going because we’ve been called not because we have any expectations of how God will show up. We just trust that He has called us and will use us while we are there. He is ultimately the need meeter, the plan maker, and definitely the miracle worker. We are simply blessed by the opportunity to be used by him, to see what He has in store for our time there. 

Will you join us in prayer for our journey? For God’s eyes to see what He sees and to go where He leads. For the people and families devastated by Hurricane Ian. & for opportunities to get to know Him deeper. 

I am so looking forward to working with Adventures in Missions (AIM) again. As well as to be the bridge that brings my church and AIM together. It’s exciting to take all that I did and learned on the World Race and actively put it into practice by spearheading a group mission trip. I am so glad this is the will of God for this moment in time. 

I am also thrilled to say that we are FULLY funded for this trip! However, if you have interest in supporting AIM and their work in Ft. Myers or our week there, please reach out and I can get you more details. 


  1. So excited that you got to participate in this endeavor! I would LOVE to hear about it! Dear God, Please continue to lead Sav as she finishes her Kingdom Journey. Continue to give her clear direction, and fulfill the desires of her heart. in Jesus’ name. Amen

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