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Update & Insight – The War in Ukraine

The Update 

          We have been in Romania serving with Hope Church for almost two weeks now. In this time we have gotten to befriend many of the Ukrainian families that are staying here as they seek refuge from the Ukrainian Russian war. We have shared meals, walked the streets of Craiova and even toured the local botanical garden together. In this short amount of time we have heard the aches of their hearts as they are separated from so many loved ones during this time. Under Ukrainian law, many of the men have been restricted from leaving the country with their families in order to help protect their nation. This means we are receiving many women and children here in Craiova, Romania. In one of the homes that we frequently visit there are two families from the same town, Mykolayiv, Ukraine which is located in the southern region of the nation. Their town, their community, their homes have been impacted by Russian attacks. Although their family members are still living there, the homes they remember have changed. Their lives have been flipped upside down and destroyed. It’s the most heartbreaking form of devastation you could imagine – your home destroyed at the hands of the enemy, your loved ones’ lives in danger daily. 

          One of our more recent updates acknowledged that Ukrainian children are being brought into Russia for adoption. Children have lost their parents, parents have lost their children. In many cases they may never see each other again.

          Yet here we are in the refuge of Romania, a country that stands under the protection of its NATO status. Here we are trying to provide clothes and summer sandals and food and water and basic needs to families, whatever form they find themselves in. Here we are trying to welcome whoever needs help with open arms. Currently, Hope Church is housing nearly eighty refugees with another eighty on their way over the next couple of days. Our days are full of transporting, organizing, and meeting with families. The work is ongoing but fortunately we have many hands. God keeps providing for all of the needs of those we are ministering to. 

**The latest: Yesterday we started praying for housing and support as 300 refugees were looking to seek refuge under Raul & Hope Church’s care. By this morning we received news that this request has mostly been filled by Raul’s contacts throughout the nation! Over night 300 refugees have found housing!! this is incredible. This is God! it doesn’t stop there, because of Raul’s ability to find care and housing for refugees sent his way thus far, he has been asked to consider receiving upto 1000 more in the coming weeks!! We are hoping you would join us in prayer as we continue to ask God to make miracles happen here. Additionally if you are able to contribute financially to the active support Hope Church is bringing to hundreds of Ukrainians, you can do so at either of the two links below! 


The Insight


She’s 7. 

She lived in the Ukraine until two months ago.

Now her and her 3 siblings and her mom are living here in Craiova, Romania. 

Their dream is to return to Mykolayiv, their hometown, when the war ends.

However their hometown has been targeted by Russian attacks. 


Here they share their home with another family also from Mykolayiv. 

None of the six children in the home are currently attending school.

All of them want summer sandals in an attempt to experience the normalcy of this season, spring. 


The other day, Dasha ran up to me and grabbed my hand. 

We held hands as we walked down the street. 

We swung our arms and communicated through small smiles and laughs – our languages different. 


I couldn’t help but think about the desperation her and her family are experiencing. 

I attempted to imagine the pain and fear of leaving their father behind.

I couldn’t grasp it. 


I didn’t know what else to do so I just kept walking and holding hands with Dasha. 

It seemed like such a small gesture though I know it held big significance. 

I can’t take their pain away, I can’t stop the war, I can’t even buy them all shoes or get them all into school. 

All I can do is be with them. All I can do is listen to their stories and hold their hands if they want me to. 


I know they’re not asking for us to fill all of their requests but we all wish we could. 

We wish they could just go back to their homes and their lives but they can’t. 

This is the reality. 

Their life has been completely disrupted and we can’t fix it. 


Join me as we attempt to do all we can to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Join me in prayer as we pray for the many nations that are being impacted by this war, specifically the Ukraine and Russia. 

Join me in doing “all that you can”.

Maybe this looks like spreading awareness or sharing this post. 

Maybe this looks like clicking the link below in support of Hope Church and their efforts to meet the basic needs of these new friends and faces. 


The more we come together the more each one of our small gestures builds to hold big significance. 

What you do today can make a difference for someone today. 

What you do tomorrow can make a difference for someone tomorrow. 

 Since writing this, Dasha and her family have actually returned to the Ukraine after receiving word that their home had been struck by Russian attacks. Please join me as we continue to lift them up in prayer.  

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Donate Directly to Hope Church Here



  1. okay but I have tears, even knowing the story. you so beautifully shared it! I love the way you love people in the small and big ways

  2. I love that you did all you could during the time you were there…and shared stories so others could partner and do what then could. The enormity of the problem coupled with our own powerlessness to fix it underscores the realization that ONLY GOD can fix it, the most powerful thing we can actually do is pray for His intervention, and third to give what we can to help.

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