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Ministry of the Month – Romania

Romania Ministry Recap

After an incredibly FULL month of ministry in Romania, L Squad is getting ready to leave Craiova in order to continue the work God has prepared for us to do for the remainder of the time we have on the World Race. We will be heading to Greece in the next few days for one final month in Europe before heading back to the U.S.

BUT before we go I’d just like to recap a few of the things God did during our time here with Hope Church Romania:

1. He provided homes and jobs for 100 refugees through the connection of one of my squad mates.

2. He provided truck load after truck load of donations to reach Craiova.

3. He gave us the unique opportunity to meet so many amazing Ukrainians. We were able to spend time with them exploring the city, sharing meals and memories together.

4. He allowed M Squad’s time to overlap with ours for the sake of encouragement, the sharing of testimonies and the building up of the church.

5. He showed that He is the provider through the hands of so many donations from friends, family and community of the squad.

6. He allowed for us to share what we are doing and all that is happening in the Ukraine through social media, the news paper and local tv!

7. He made way for convoy after convoy to be sent to the Ukrainian border to drop off supplies, clothes, food and other needed items. Creating space to then bring new friends and families out of Ukraine and into Craiova.

Wow! God never stops working. He is our way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness.

We thank God for giving us the chance to be in the right place at the right time to serve those in their desperate need.

We cannot say thank you enough to all of you back home for your prayers, encouragement and support while we have been here. We have felt your love, heard your love through your comments and encouragement and seen your love bless people through our hands.

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Please continue to pray for health, safety and well-being for each one of us as we move to another new place. Though we only have ONE MORE MONTH of our journey remaining, we are expectant that God still has great plans to use us and meet with us as we finish this Race. 

Thank you for your prayers, your support and your faithfulness to walk alongside us throughout this journey. We love you, we appreciate you and we miss you! It is a treasure to represent you and of course, Christ on this journey. Lives are being touched, encouraged and changed because of your financial giving, prayers and words of encouragement. Though the needs are many, blessings abound as we go forth and serve others. 


Lots and lots of love, 


Savanna & Team Happy Feet


  1. Love, love, love all the blessings you were able to give to so many children and their families!
    Blessings to you my sweet friend! Penny

  2. Cool to see that you also became a local celebrity in Maine sharing the mission and love of God there because of your service in Romania!

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