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Everything I learned about Romania & Ukraine

Everything I learned about Romania & Ukraine 

  1. December 1989, Romania was able to break free from the hand of communism. After effects and cultural effects are still present in some ways.

  2. Romanians care a lot about the quality and cleanliness of shoes.

  3. Romanians enjoy feeding pigeons.

  4. There are many castles to visit.

  5. The currency is the Romanian Lei and though it fluctuates in comparison to our U.S. dollar, approximately 4.5Lei is equivalent to $1usd. 

  6. Romania is another nation where you cannot flush toilet paper.

  7. Romania is home to 1.85 billion Roma or also known as, Gypsy people, approximately 8% of the world’s gypsy population. 

  8. The primary religion in Romania is Orthodox Christianity which is rooted and practiced in tradition without emphasis on a personal relationship with Jesus.

  9. The Romanian flag is composed of a navy, yellow and red vertical stripe.

  10. Romania is bordered by Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

  11. Ukraine was invaded by Russian President Putin’s military operation on February 24, 2022.

  12. Ukrainian men are mandated to participate in helping with the war via military and food services if they have less than 3 children. 

  13. As of this week, more than 14 million Ukrainians have fled their homes. 

  14. Also as of this week, over 2 million Ukrainians have returned to their homeland.

  15. Ukrainians are fleeing to other nations including, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. 

  16. Ukraine’s flag is composed of a horizontal sky blue stripe atop a horizontal yellow stripe. The flag represents the blue sky atop their golden fields. 

  17. Ukrainian’s are incredibly hospitable and anticipate shared meals, snacks and beverages when welcoming guests (based on my experience).


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  1. Interesting to learn these facts! It seems like there’s always something happening in the world to cause people to flee their homelands and mix with other people groups. It just underscores that this world is not our home!

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