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Everything I Learned about Greece

Everything I learned about Greece

  1. The currency is the Euro and is worth just a few cents more than the U.S. Dollar right now. The Euro is used in many countries throughout Europe.

  2. Greece has many incredible islands that are reachable by both flight and ferry. 

  3. Greece has one of the largest European ports at Piraeus. 

  4. Greece is a transit and destination country. Which means there are a lot of people coming in and out of the country on a regular basis.

  5. Greece is a member of the European Union.

  6. It shares a border with Turkey, causing Greece to have a massive flow of illegal immigrants passing through to get to other European countries.

  7. Because of its relaxed prostitution laws many women and children are trafficked in order to work in the many brothels, studios, massage parlours, strip clubs, hotel and streets of Greece. 

  8. The majority of women and children trafficked victims in Athens originate from eastern Europe and the former soviet countries. The biggest reason for this is poverty with many people unable to support themselves and their family. With little employment and educational options traffickers prey on vulnerable people groups and the poorest communities.

  9. Women freed from a trafficking situation often find it difficult to go back to their home countryas they are no longer accepted in the community due to the stigma that comes with working in prostitution. Equally they find it difficult to start a new life in Greece due to the lack of social welfare, emotional support and social stigma. Many women return to prostitution or becoming traffickers themselves. 

  10. Greece hosts more than 50,000 refugees from many Western Asian countries including Syria and Afghanistan.

  11. The country includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Greek Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited.

  12. Greece also borders the beautiful Mediterranean Sea!

  13. It is an area rich in history and has played critical roles in the development of shipping and trade, as a resource for feeding growing populations, and as an aid to the spread and mingling of races and cultures.

  14. The lack of nutrients leads to the great inhibition of algae growth, making the Mediterranean clear and better able to absorb/scatter sunlight to appear a vibrant blue.

  15. Greece is known for many authentic cuisines including greek salad (without lettuce!), baklava, gyros, moussaka, souvlaki, temista and tzatziki.

  16. Greece has many parks.

  17. Athens, Greece is home to many historic centers and ancient ruins including the Acropolis and Parthenon. 

  18. Greece is home to the first Olympic games.

  19. There is so much more history here!!! Check it out for yourself.  



  1. It is so awesome to hear all about the place’s you have been to. God is so awesome, I can’t wait to hear all about your year with God and all He has taught you along the way.
    Lynn R.

  2. Everywhere you go, I learn more about the heartbreak unique (though a variation of a common theme throughout the world) to each country, the desparation of the poorest of the poor, the displaced, homeless, and those caught in addictions and various forms of sex slavery. My heart longs for the Kingdom to come, for Jesus to rule, for things to be made right. Despite the darkness, God’s light continues to shine, we see His workings all over the world, and the hope He is bringing to us!

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