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A Christmas Dream Come True

Two Years ago on Christmas Eve, in 2019, I received an invite of a lifetime. A co-worker invited me to Africa for the summer of 2020. Travelling and serving in Africa has been a bucket list item of mine for as long as I can remember. Yet I previously had no strong connections or invites to go there.So without much hesitation, I inquired more and felt pressed to say yes to her offer. This Christmas gift, the offer itself, included traveling to Tanzania, serving the local community there and hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. What a dream that would have been!

Yet in March 2020, we all know what happened, due to the rising Covid-19 Pandemic the trip was cancelled. I remember tweeting, you can bet by next year I’ll be in Africa. I had no idea what was to come but I knew what my heart desired. Upon her invitation, something in me really started to stir, really wanted to get to Africa ASAP. 

Now, here I am sitting in a third story window overlooking the South African landscape of Jeffrey’s Bay. This is where I spent Christmas this year. I’m enjoying the turning of the windmills, some sweet vanilla Starbucks instant cappuccino with Christmas Country Radio playing in my headphones. 

It’s not everyday I get to write about being in South Africa but today I do. Today I am cherishing the afternoon winds and the sunburn on my back. Today I am wondering how long until I will return here? And although I’m not sure, today I’ll simply call it a gift and soak in every second I can. 

How sweet it is that the God we serve knows our hearts’ desires?! Sweeter still, is His desire for us to make those desires come true when they align with His heart for us. Thank God He hears our prayers and wants these kinds of dreams to come true!

As we head into a New Year, I wonder what dreams are you pursuing? Do they align with God’s Word? And are you brave enough to pray and to believe dreams really do come true?




Check the link for my photos from South Africa so far!


  1. So sweet! I love that you got to spend this Christmas in South Africa! It is the actual sweetest that he knows our hearts’ desires. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas, God is so awesome to us, He loves us so much.All I’m wanting this next year is to know God better and for my family to find him, and love him like I do. Have a great year Savanna.
    Lynn R.

  3. What a wonderful place to spend your Christmas. I am glad your dream came true. Africa always sounded like a special place to me. It makes be conjure up images of vast open space and wild animals just roaming around. Have a great stay in Africa

  4. It’s so sweet that God partners with us to fulfill the dreams He puts on our hearts! I love the challenge you put forth at the end of your blog! I do have some dreams I’m praying for and expectant they will come true in God’s timing!

  5. YES LORD!!! A faithful God who fulfills promises and loves to give good gifts to His children.


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